Connect with Courage - Free Teacher PD

We are pleased to share that PREPS has partnered once again with Catalyst EDU to offer "Free Monthly Trainings" for PREPS teachers and that there will be an opportunity for teachers to earn up to 2.0 CEUs.  
PREPS teachers ask your principal for the link to sign-up.


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Connect to the Newsela content most relevant to your subject area and students, and learn how to leverage Newsela features to support 

support student engagement and learning.

Differentiating Instruction with Newslea presentation cover

Discovering Newslea presentation cover

Learn how to leverage Newsela’s auto-differentiation tools and instructional strategies to support all learners in building skills and knowledge as they access diverse content, engage with new information, and express the new knowledge they have built.

Imagine Learning

Imagine Math exercise examples

Getting Started with Imagine Math Checklist for students