Operations Department

Maintenance Request

The Operations Department is comprised of two teams within the Noxubee County School District, they have joined forces to provide the District with superior service. We also work closely with the building level Custodial staff and provide resources and services to aid in the cleanliness of the district facilities. Our goal is to provide support services throughout the district for the purpose of maintaining a functional, safe, clean environment that is conducive to a quality learning experience.

Our teams provide routine maintenance services, monitor costs and adhere to established budgets. We work to develop strategies to address and rectify repetitive problems through a system of preventative, corrective and restorative maintenance. It is our responsibility to ensure that all facilities are free from recognized hazards that may cause injury, illness or death. We aim daily to ensure that our facilities are clean and safe for students, staff and community members who visit our campuses.

The Operations Department plays an integral role in the educational experience of the students of the Noxubee County School District and as such we offer our service in a professional, caring and timely manner to give our children the best possible educational opportunities.

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We enlist the district’s core values to facilitate our daily work as we strive for excellence.

  • We will build Relationships with all stakeholders by professionally meeting their maintenance needs in a timely manner that is consistent with the overall goal of the district...student achievement.

  • We will be Committed to the goals and vision of the district by cooperating fully in accelerating and enhancing the education of our students as we provide a clean, safe and healthy facility that is conducive to learning.

  • We will exemplify the highest level of Integrity through our adherence to all local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations as evidenced by our work and professionalism.

  • We will provide exemplary Service to all stakeholders in the Noxubee County School District by providing a knowledgeable, respectful, timely, kind and courteous staff.

  • We will be Accountable to those who depend on our services by our expedient response to service requests, cooperative spirit, desire to go above and beyond what is expected when providing training and expert assistance.

Our Vision:

The vision of the Operations Department is to support the Noxubee County School District in empowering all students to become productive citizens through our commitment to providing quality, professional services to students, staff and the community.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Operations Department is to provide a safe, healthy, functional and well maintained environment for all students, staff and stakeholders of the Noxubee County School District.


One Team, One Goal


Noxubee County School District Core Values:

Accountability     Service       Integrity      Commitment       Relationships