Child Find Program

The Noxubee County School District is participating]ng in an ongoing statewide effort to identify, locate and evaluate children birth through the age of twenty-one (21) who have a physical mental, communicative, and/or emotional disability. Early identification of children in need of special educational experiences is most important to each child.  Furthermore, this information gathered from contacts with parents and other agencies will be used to help determine present and future program needs as progress is made toward the goal of providing free appropriate public education to all children with a disability.

Please contact Sarah Bankhead, Special Education Director of the Noxubee County School District, if you know of any children who may have a disability by calling or writing to her at the following telephone number or address: 662-726-5049, PO Box 540 Macon, MS 39341.

The Child Find Person implements child identification, location, and evaluation of children birth through twenty-one (21) who have a disability regardless of the severity of their disability, and who are in need of special education and/or related services. The Child Find Person is required to work with the local Head Start, Department of Human Services, health and mental health agencies, as well as local educational agencies physicians, and other individuals to identify and locate children out of school and in school who may be in need of special education services.

Information identifying the child will be maintained by the school district and will be provided to other agencies in accordance with the Family Rights Privacy Act. Parents are guaranteed the right to examine document concerning the identification, evaluation, and educational placement of their children.  Access to this information is forbidden to any unauthorized person without written parental permission.

Special Education is designed for children with disabilities. It is not designed to palce a child in his/her correct grade.