Noxubee CSD

Engineering Camp 2019

July 11

6:44 pm - 7:44 pm

From the Desk of Sylvester Tate:

It was truly an innovative blessing for you (Dr. Peggie Liddell) to have introduced and funded Engineering camp for the students at Noxubee County Schools. I am personally honored and elated to have been chosen to coordinate this Engineering Camp.

The goals of the Creative Minds Camp were very creative, enticing and fulfilling to the 11 rising eight grade students that participated. The goals were to: Meet the Team; Introduce students to ACT & do Practice test on all sections; Encourage students to pursue STEM careers; Introduce all engineering disciplines; Show students how fun science can be; Answer students questions.

These goals were met by starting each day with an ACT prep followed by a practice test. The following engineer discipline were introduced with a power point brief description of disciplines and jobs related to that discipline followed with a question and answering session about the engineering discipline each day. They were: Aerospace, Biomedical, Civil, Chemical, Computer, Electrical, Industrial, and Mechanical Engineering. In introducing students to the engineering discipline, the students discussed the characteristics of an engineer, both socially and academically. Then the day moves progressively into the STEM hands-on activities as follows:

Marshmallow Challenge; Catapult Activity; Solar Powered Car (proceed by ppt. ‘Help Save The Planet’); Pill Coating Activity; Hydraulic Arm Activity; Fantastic Foamy Fountain that highlighted the fore mention engineering disciplines.

The cohort students will be monitored thru the 8th grade by collaborating with Mrs. Glenda White the Foundation Technology teacher. Realizing that many of the activities that were introduced in the Creative Minds camp are not a part of her foundation curriculum, but they are integrated in the student’s organization that students are encouraged to affiliate with. Therefore I strongly believe this camp will foster some enthusiasm for the STEM discipline after being exposed to the various activities. Also, the cohort will be followed as they enter the 9th grade to ensure they take advantage of the STEM program offered for 9th graders. As a 9th
grader, the students benefit on both hand, through the STEM curriculum offering and the Technology Student Association competitive events. To culminate the entire Creative Minds camp experience, the students will be encouraged in the 9th grade STEM program to follow through as 10th & 11th graders in the Engineering Robotics program that will continue to enhance
the STEM discipline and hopefully gear them into a STEM career. I believe that the cohort of students will realize the connectivity of the 8th grade Foundation, 9th grade STEM and 10th & 11th grade Engineer Robotics programs through their participation in the camp and their active participation in the Technology Student Association events in all three programs.

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